Making The Most Of The Outdoor Summer Experience

June 24, 2022 0 Comments

Our childhoods are filled with fond memories – and many revolve around the absolute freedom and joy that comes from being outdoors. And that experience was even more wonderful when the summer sun was shining. Those experiences may have been a simple picnic – or that camping trip, basking in the sun on golden sands, or dipping your toes in the waters of the local stream (or the ever-popular tree climbing activities).

We should all try and be in touch with our inner child – being an adult does not mean that we have to give up the childlike flight that comes with an appreciation of the bounties of nature. Perhaps revitalise that joy with some family activities – or simply be wrapped in the arms of Mother Nature on a solo excursion. Summer vacations may have changed – but there are still so many ways to get out and feel the sun on your skin.

The Value of Outdoor Time

We all sometimes feel the stress of modern living – but getting outdoors can relax and centre us. We can (for a while at least) say goodbye to those everyday stresses – and the over-stimulation of modern life. That break can have enormous physical and psychological benefits. You can also enjoy the feeling of the outdoor by building an outdoor glass room in your house.

The fact that when you head outdoors you are most probably going to undertake some exercise is a fact that should not be ignored. It can be something as simple as going for a walk – or something a little more cardiovascular in nature – such as biking, jogging, or hiking. Kayaking or swimming. You are going to be overcoming a physical challenge – and that sense of achievement – and the exercise are going to both body and mind the world of good.

But the benefits of just being outside in a natural environment have some chemical advantages. Research has shown that spending time in nature can stimulate the body’s production of Serotonin and Dopamine (the brain’s ‘happy chemical). Both of these have been linked to feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and happiness. They also reduce sanity and depression – and help our cognitive function, increasing productivity.

But simply being in the embrace of nature can have a more subtle effect. It helps us to understand our place in the natural world, and just how we are connected to ecosystems. It helps to maintain our curiosity – and fires up our creativity. All that helps with self-confidence. Unplugging can allow us to be present and provide value to others – or feel more comfortable with ourselves.

Making the Most of Summer

It’s not necessary to travel far to enjoy some great summer activities. Nature is everywhere. Spend some time with friends enjoying the breeze and the birdsong – or undertake that long-overdue hike. The only limits are your imagination.

Forget the Gym

Exercising is great – it conveys enormous benefits. But forget the confines of the gym – being outside is far more beneficial. You get that workout (bike or hike or walk) – but the mental benefits are just as important. Fresh air floods your lungs and your heart pumps that little bit faster. You don’t need to go overboard – take a walk at the seaside or a jog in the park.

Explore the Extraordinary

Get out of the city and take a road trip with friends or family. Explore the world around you – it is full of wonder. Half the fun is in the planning. Explore National Parks on that long-anticipated road trip. Take some time to simply stop and appreciate the world around you. Read a book, enjoy a picnic, and make breakfast over an open fire. Nature is waiting.

Grilling Greatness

Or forget the wood and briquettes and fire up a gas grill. it’s simple and no fuss and adds to the outdoor experience. It’s a fabulous way to embrace the joys of the summer experience.