Different Ways Microsoft Teams Altered The Modern Workplace

June 24, 2022 0 Comments

GIFs Have Become Acceptable

In 2020 and beyond, emotions are sky-high. There’s arguably no better way to express yourself than by using GIFs. Sometimes, there’s no need to add words. A GIF can speak volumes. Why send out an email expressing emotions when you can send a popular GIF that they will understand? For instance, let’s say your manager asks you to do a task you’ve consistently repeated your distaste for. Why not send a GIF showcasing how you despise the request? There are plenty of ways Microsoft Teams makes it easy to be more social.

Wear What’s Comfortable

There used to be a time when working from home in your nighttime clothing was a pipe dream. However, with remote working getting so popular, that’s a new reality. Thanks to apps like Microsoft Teams, you can wear what you want (from the waist down). While a lot of those who adhere to the notion of “dress for productivity” will likely scoff at the idea, many people will enjoy dressing in comfortable bottoms. With Teams video delivering high-quality meeting experiences, you can easily dress for work on the top and comfort on the bottom. If you’re interested, check out Microsoft Teams demo.

Professionally Present From Anywhere

One of the biggest concerns for a lot of people when it comes to video conferencing is not having the appropriate backdrop or venue. The great thing about Microsoft Teams is its simulated background feature. Within the app, you can easily change your background to make it more professional. It can transport you to the boardroom instead of having to showcase your unmade bed in the background. Best of all, it has a Together Mode feature that will deliver simulated backdrops for the entire group. You can choose from a range of backdrops to keep the meeting fresh.

Tagging Is The New “Read Receipt”

You can no longer pretend you didn’t see someone’s email when they ask you about it. You can easily tag someone with the “@” symbol to ensure they get the message. Much like some of the other chat apps you use, it will let you know when they read your message. Therefore, there are no ducking messages like you can with email. Keep in mind that this isn’t meant to be a feature used to harass someone. It does help to know whether or not a colleague gets an urgent message through.

Real-Time Collabs

A lot of people traditionally thought that you had to be in the same physical space to collaborate effectively. This is generally why a lot of companies have not adopted a remote workplace. However, with Teams, there’s no reason to be in the same room to effectively collaborate. You can do it just as efficiently and effectively in remote locations. This includes people from different departments or even in different parts of the world. You can do things like share screens, share documents, and more. They even have a virtual whiteboard that you can use to brainstorm ideas with one another.

Invite External Stakeholders

One of the features of Teams that makes it such a good resource for various businesses is the ability to invite external stakeholders to a meeting. You can invite them to present something quickly without worrying about access control or anything else. This allows you to keep all of your internal data protected while presenting the material you want and when you want.

You Can Enable Focus Mode

When you are working in the office, it can be very difficult to focus. After all, you have a lot of employees running around interrupting you. Many times, you could find yourself in the middle of getting a project completed and someone asks you to do something for you. You can set yourself on “do not disturb” when you are looking to get work done. This allows other members of your organisation to know that they shouldn’t disrupt you because you are busy. You cannot do the same in a physical office.

Catch Up With Things

Another great thing about hosting meetings virtually is the on-demand aspect. Not everyone can participate in every meeting. Likewise, you may not be entirely focused during a meeting. With Teams, you can record the meeting. This allows you to attend the meeting whenever you can or even go back if you didn’t take thorough notes.

No More Desk Phones

Nowadays, everything is mobile. You will be out and away from your desk more often even if you are working a traditional desk job. With Teams, you can take calls and meetings while away from your desk. This makes it much easier to work effectively when you aren’t at your desk. Teams bring you to the modern age of working digitally.