Advantages Of Marble Counter-tops

June 27, 2022 0 Comments

Marble countertops have a timeless elegance but marble certainly has its pros and cons. However, for fans of this beautiful natural stone, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Timeless Elegance

Nothing can match the look and character of marble. It comes in endless variations due to factors like veining, patterns, impurities, and where it was sourced. Marble varieties like Blanco Ibiza, Negro Marquina, green Indian Marble, and beige Crema Marfil have retained their popularity throughout time. So what is it that makes marble so appealing to homeowners, architects, and interior designers? Firstly, the beauty and warmth of marble allow them to create their own unique environments. In addition, the stunning colours they come in make it easy to combine with different tones and materials opening up a whole world of stunning possibilities for interior design.


With sealing, regular maintenance, and proper care marble surfaces will last a long time. As a natural stone, it provides tremendous strength to countertops that can handle many potential impacts and damage it may be subjected to.

Heat Resistance

The marble remains cool which makes it great for use in the kitchen. Culinary professionals prefer marble as the perfect worktop because it keeps their kitchens cooler. However, even though it can withstand high temperatures, it is not completely heat-resistant and it is not recommended to place hot pans directly onto marble surfaces but to rather use heat protectors.


Lately, there has been a surge of imitation marble products flooding the market. However, nothing can rival the rich look and distinctive character of genuine marble. One of the major features of marble is that it is a 100% natural stone with unique colours and patterns that add further exclusivity and distinction to its appearance.


Just taking a look at some of the greatest historical buildings built with marble is an affirmation of its strength and longevity. One example is Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. So, if you are looking for a countertop that will last a lifetime then marble is your best choice and we can safely say “long live marble”.


Marble is more expensive than other countertop materials, however, there are some types that are more affordable than others. Marble can be more cost-effective in the long run than materials like granite or imitation products that fail, so price should not be a deterrent when your heart is set on a marble worktop.
If you have a tight budget you should shop around and compare prices between several suppliers to find the best options available.


Marble polishing allows manufacturers to extract the natural beauty of the stone and bring it to light with a high gloss finish that is highly coveted by interior designers and homeowners who wish to achieve a unique environment. Highly polished marble has the ability to radiate a highly reflective glossy shine that reflects off other surfaces in a kitchen or bathroom.


Marble is a versatile material that can adapt to many different interior design materials. This amazing flexibility allows it to be used in both classical and minimalist environments with great effect.

Marble Countertop Maintenance and Repair

Marble needs a certain amount of care to help maintain its shine and increase its lifespan. This includes sealing after installation and at regular intervals thereafter, depending on the frequency of use, to prevent stains from penetrating the porous surface.


Since marble is a porous material you should act quickly when spills occur to prevent liquids from penetrating the surface and causing stains. Regular cleaning materials and home remedies like lemon and vinegar should be ruled out completely as any acids will dull the shiny surface. The type of cleaning solution to use will largely depend on the type of stain. For example, for rust, coffee, or wine stains you can apply hydrogen peroxide or another marble stain removal to the stain and clean it with plenty of soapy water.

Marble also requires periodic polishing and for severe stains or damage, you may need to refinish the surface of the countertops.

Wide Variety of Marble Finishes

There is a wide variety of marble countertop options available mostly defined by the type of veining and the colour preference which makes it easy for you to find the exact veining and colour to fit the style and design of your kitchen.

Marble is a great investment with unparalleled elegance but it needs a certain amount of upkeep to retain its appearance and increase its lifespan. Marble countertops will stand you in good stead when the time comes to sell your home as they will increase its value and appeal.