Reasons To Start Sailing

June 24, 2022 0 Comments


Everyone that sails is familiar with the unique experience you get when you set off. That feeling of the wind gushing and pushing you away from the dock. The moment when the wind snaps the sails and starts to drive your boat towards the middle of the sea. The moment when you take a gander backwards only to be greeted with a seemingly endless open sea.

That’s the experience you get when you sail and that’s the moment when you can first say you’ve experienced freedom. When you are on land, you’re pushed in different directions dictated by the landscape. This isn’t freedom. When you hit the sea, you have limited obstacles in your way. The paths you can take aren’t dictated by landscape or pavement. You dictate your route and you aren’t limited in any way.


It’s very difficult to experience any sort of calm in today’s busy world. You are constantly being pushed into doing things and it can be nearly impossible to truly slow down. However, that’s not the case when you set out on the open sea. When you are in the middle of open water, you can find your resting place. You’ll be able to drift away from the noise that clouds your thinking. The stressors of everyday life will melt away as the sun hits your face and the wind breezes through your hair. It’s no longer difficult to calm your anxiety and meditate for more clarity.


Sailing means you are venturing out into undiscovered places. You are putting yourself on a path yet paved. You get to choose wherever you go. There are no limitations. You get to set sail to places that you may not even be able to access via land. You have the flexibility for discovery that you don’t get on land. You get to drop your anchor when you find and locate a place you want to spend more time in. The discovery aspect of sailing is hard to describe.

You Get To Be One With Nature

When you start sailing, you get to immerse yourself in nature. Not a lot of activities can do the same thing. You will get to spend more time enjoying everything nature has to offer. You can put yourself in the middle of the elements including the water and wind and challenge them.

The Sense Of Community

The sailing community is a very diverse one. It’s also one that can be truly inspiring. You get to relive something that so many did before you. So much of what we have is owed to sailing. You get to sail to different places like the pirates did for their booty. You get to meet other sailers that still have that same explorer’s sparkle in their eye.

Best of all, you can get a lot of support from others in the tight-knit community. The community is full of different tech-savvy members and you can always find someone willing to assist while you’re stopped at a port. If you are thinking of going sailing I would highly recommend seeing Wickenroy Pavitt.

It’s Not For The Elite

While sailing can be an expensive hobby and activity, it doesn’t have to be. A single-day trip doesn’t cost too much. You can expect to pay anywhere between 50 and 75 € for a day trip or an intro trip.

You can start as a beginner for a relative bargain and decide later on if you want to continue to invest more and more into the hobby.

It Can Change Everything

s. Hobbies have become very important for keeping you motivated and constantly looking to better yourself. Sailing is one of the best hobbies to embrace. It helps to showcase your adventurous side and spend more time outdoors.