Avoid Keeping These Items in a Storage Unit

Three storage units numbered 7,8 and 9 respectively
June 21, 2022 0 Comments

Perishables and Foodstuff

If you are going to keep food and perishables in your storage unit then you run the very real risk of opening it up and finding everything coated in mold. The solution may be to ensure that everything of this nature is stored in airtight containers or in sealed packaging. However, it’s sometimes simply better to be safe than sorry – avoid storing these sorts of items.

There is also the fact that perishables attract pests, including insects and rodents. These unwanted visitors can take up residence in your unit and do untold damage.

Don’t store household pets or any other sorts of animals in a storage unit. The chances are that they are not going to survive the experience. And it’s simply cruel. The list includes fish, reptiles, and any sort of mammal. Make sure that when you are storing boxes animals have not come along for the ride – the results are inevitably bad, as this example from Calgary shows.

Human Beings

Mammals that should not make a storage unit home include humans. Human beings are simply barred from making storage units into permanent dwellings. It may be tempting given the fact that they are available 24/7 and offer a great way to cut down on rent, but just don’t do it.

Flammable or Combustible Material

This should go without saying, but it is worth repeating. Don’t store paint, petrol, gas, oil, or cleaning solvents in your storage unit. The risk of fire is very real – and can lead to extensive damage across the entire facility.

When making the decision of what to store ask yourself the simple question ‘is it flammable?’ If the answer is yes, or even maybe then it’s best stored elsewhere.

Storing firearms, ammunition, or explosives in a storage unit is a bad idea, but not only that – it’s the law. According to the Firearms Rules 1998, those sorts of items need to be stored in a highly secure location that cannot be accessed by those who do not have permission. The proper solution is a gun-safe or secure gun cabinet – and one that meets policy requirements.

A storage facility is easily accessible to a large number of customers and does not legally belong to you. Therefore external assessment of the security will indicate that it is not an appropriate place to be storing explosives or firearms – not least because they represent a clear and present danger to safety. For a quality storage company see Blue Box Storage.

Biological Agents, Radioactive Material, or Dangerous Chemical

This should need no emphasis, but there are specialized and accredited sites for the storage of radioactive materials – most storage units are not included on that list. There are other hazardous materials and chemicals that are simply dangerous storing them in your unit risks the safety of the site and all its employees, as well as other customers.

The list of prohibited items includes toxic waste, kerosine, asbestos material, propane tanks, acids, and (as mentioned above) any flammable or combustible materials.

Items of an Illegal Nature

If you are not the legal owner of an item or items you simply cannot store it in your unit. In fact, you should be storing it anywhere, you simply shouldn’t have it. This list includes counterfeit items, anything that has reached the country illegally (like smuggled tobacco products), illicit alcohol, unapproved medicines, and anything unsafe.

Securities and Money

These items attract criminals and the level of security offered by a storage unit makes them unsuitable to store such valuables. We recommend a safety deposit box or a safe at home.